Independence Square

Monument / Landmark
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Dave M
24 month ago
Not very crowded, but remember to be respectful. This is a national monument and the guards will throw you out if you so crazy things like do a hand-stand or sexy poses.
Hemika K
28 month ago
A good place to sit and relax.
Paula F
47 month ago
The monument is huge! Good to sit and let you stay for a while.
Rajithe E
53 month ago
Great place to hang out with friends or have a good sleep even. Jump into nearby arcade whenever u feel hungry.
Miyuru W
54 month ago
Go when it's evening. Just as the sun sets. Or else it's too hot. Love this place! It's a hub of people in weekend evenings. So nice. Do visit the museum here as well
Sasha B
56 month ago
Симпатичная площадь независимости. Рядом есть торговый центр. На газоне люди по вечерам занимаются спортом.
Alex G
59 month ago
Great place for jogging in the evenings and mornings. Specially on Sundays!
Dedunu D
62 month ago
Good place to relax.
Upeksha L
66 month ago
It's a really nice place and good to meet up with friends and family.. Coool environment
Kalinga P
71 month ago
It is a great place to be after the facelift by the UDA . Police environment division at Cinnamon gardens is doing a great job.
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