Hollywood Sign

Monument / Landmark
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wutor ♐
13 month ago
Hike to the top(behind the sign) is awesome!!
May ♍
16 month ago
The infamous HOLLYWOOD sign is a worldwide landmark. Originally created in 1923 as an advertisement for a local real estate development, but due to increasing recognition, the sign was left up
Van Beckum J
24 month ago
I really like it
Raashi K
26 month ago
Early morning is the best time to go there..sunrise here is mesmerizing
David A. S
28 month ago
David C
29 month ago
Lleva mucha agua!!!
Neel G
29 month ago
Only can see sign from the back side, full of tourists. Hike wisdom tree and walk over the ridge to the sign is my tip
Rafael A
31 month ago
The way to get to the behind the sign view, right behind the radio towers (i.e. the closest you can get) is a long hike there and back. But the view you get along the way and at the end, is incredible
Dmitriy G
37 month ago
Просто идите по асфальту за остальными людьми. Даже если кажется, что дорога идёт не туда. Продолжайте идти по асфальту
Jack L
39 month ago
It's a long walk took me about an hour but the views of the city is well worth it. Bring light clothing and plenty to drink you're going to need it