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Katerina S
31 month ago
A city for kids, they work, play & shop with their own money they get to experience what it’s like to be grown up without the adults problems.Mine stayed their for 6 hours & didn’t want to leave 💖
31 month ago
Great place for children 6-14 years. The parent can go in and out from the place. Your kids won’t leave without you which is great 👍🏻
Marlo N
49 month ago
Plan a whole day of it. Don't forget the parent lounge upstairs while the kids are participating in the longer activities. Get a list at the front desk of younger child (2 and 3) activities.
Fahad H
71 month ago
Make sure your son or daughter is 4 years or bigger to enjoy there because there are no much of play area for 3 years and less👦
77 month ago
عيش يوم ممتع مع أطفالك .. دمج الترفية والتسلية بالتعليم .. يقوم الأطفال بالعمل في وظائف مختلفة على حسب أعمارهم و رغباتهم و يحصلون في المقابل على نقود تصرف داخل كيدزانيا
84 month ago
Very friendly staff and just an absolute amazing place for children to improve their communication skills.
85 month ago
Fun, fun, fun- all the fun for the young adults💓 Let the kids have all the fun while improving their communication skills and enjoy the best of social interactions! ☺️
91 month ago
A great place for kids to play and explore. They get to take on different roles and jobs to earn money which can be used to buy goodies when they're done from kidzainia store.
Master M
96 month ago
KidZania® is a safe and interactive, award-winning edutainment centre where children can lead independent lives and get to understand the world of grown-ups better, by being grown-ups themselves.
Mimi Y
99 month ago
A grownup world designed for kids. Creative play, great for developmental skills. Not advisable for children below 4 or 5 even, they may not understand the concept of work and getting a job.