Cafe Royalty

Coffee Shop
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Alexandra G
18 month ago
Обязательно к посещению! Днём очень спокойно, хорошая музыка, атмосфера супер. Кофе обязательно пробуйте, в зимний период нет мороженого(
Maria V
20 month ago
A Rococo style cafe, original from 1812 and very fancy. Prices are well above any other coffee place in the city but it is worth trying it just to see in inside
Fatima V
23 month ago
Picatostes y ambiente de época ❤️
David H
28 month ago
Good steak & sashimi. If you book online for dinner they’ll put you in the restaurant m. You might prefer the cafe bar section.
Cobey F
28 month ago
When you are hungry & everything is closed, cafe Royalty’s kitchen is open 😀!
Nick B
29 month ago
Come here for the picatostes gaditanos (deep fried bread). Local Maier cream ale (beer) is worth trying. Tapas were not good, best to avoid them.
Eva S
29 month ago
The last remaining Romantic café in Spain.
Andreas C
30 month ago
Don’t make the mistake of not trying the #Picatoste - Cádiz pastry speciality, very loosely related to French toast. #acmustdo
Celia M
34 month ago
Sitio precioso, romántico y tranquilo. Se puede desayunar, comer, merendar. Carta amplia en platos, menú del día y en postres y tartas!! Servicio exquisito. Para sorprender a tu invitado. Repito
Celia M
34 month ago
Sitio precioso, romántico y tranquilo. Servicio exquisito. Carta para comer, por plato y menú del día muy bueno y una carta de postres y tartas amplísima. Sitio perfecto para merendar. Precio moderado