The Crave Coffee House

Coffee Shop
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Patrick W
41 month ago
The coffee is cheap, there is a lot of space, and the staff is friendly.
Sophie L
60 month ago
Coffee and Pesto grilled cheese are a must have here!
Kathryn L
90 month ago
Have a soup, sandwich & drink combo that doesn't allow for a HOT drink (at a coffee house!) :(
Shelby J
91 month ago
Mmmmm pumpkin bread is delicious.
Russ S
93 month ago
Surprisingly cool venue. Beautiful patio and gardens for outdoors. Great place to share a drink (they do also have wine and beer, not just coffee!) and a conversation.
Mandy M
102 month ago
A lovely place for a quiet lunch, afternoon coffee and a place to get some work done. I'm partial because I got married here! It's a great wedding venue!
Randi F
104 month ago
Very unique coffee house. They have great staff and awesome drink ideas!
Jessica H
112 month ago
Try their pumpkin pie granita! It is out of this world and made with actual pieces of everyone's fall favorite!