Tobacco Garden Bar

Cocktail Bar
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Petar M
5 month ago
Gin Tonik 16bgn (hendricks default, london tonic default wtf) overpriced...
Georgi N
17 month ago
Nice place and drinks, but awful service. All of the waitresses seem disinterested to do their job. Also one of them tried to cheat us. Overpriced and overrated overall, better avoid.
Georgi N
19 month ago
Цените са твърде високи за бавното и неохотно обслужване. Иначе приятна обстановка и музика.
Todor M
33 month ago
Very very slow service!!! They forget what we ordered! Много сте бавни братлееееее
Dimitar T
41 month ago
Overpriced, slow service, difficult to order, overrated..
Bo P
41 month ago
My favorite place to be! Great people, good service, the best cocktails and atmosphere for drinks and having fun in the city!
Nikolay J
51 month ago
With the old Boss :-)
Dan M
53 month ago
Got soda in my gin and tonic and bar staff seemed stoned!
Alexandra A
54 month ago
My absolutely favourite place in Sofia! Both during the day and at night. I love their rose by the glass and the blueberry cheesecake is amazing!
56 month ago
"Тоъ фреш за кой йе?"-Сервитьорките са под всякаква критика. 3 от тях не можаха да запомнят 1 поръчка. Капучино се чака над 20 мин, а цитронадата е тотален киселяк. 👎🖕
  • 6A Moskovska Str., Sofia, Bulgaria, GPS: 42.696598,23.327448