Artashi Mot | Արտաշի մոտ

Middle Eastern Restaurant
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Yuri G
20 month ago
Не дорого! Вкусно! Шаурма, кебаб, шашлык! Можно взять с собой и перекусить на каскаде)
Vigneshwer D
35 month ago
One of the best shawurma and piti and BBQs in yerevan
پانتاأ ا
68 month ago
Super cool system super delicious foid if you're introduced in bbq
Gor E
69 month ago
Tje best cheap and tasty place to eat. The meat is always fresh and is made on wood not electrical equipment, that's why it has the best taste in the city!
Armenak H
70 month ago
Прекрасно готовят шаурму и солянку!!! Лучшее место в городе, где можно быстро и вкусно поесть👍👍👍
Irina B
75 month ago
Tasty food but to much salt for me! Though, guys at the next table salting there shaurmas 🙈
Irina B
81 month ago
That's totally must do in Armenia! Try shaurma and tjvjik (liver) !!!
Ara T
84 month ago
I paid for 6 beef kebabs for take away, the worker wrapped the kebabs in bread and put in a bag and gave it to me. I brought them home and f... They were 5.. :( I should count the kebabs next time...
Katerina T
91 month ago
Лучший шашлык! Внизу ресторан, где можно заказать пиво,а на вверху самообразование. Ещё понравился втвжик
Marko U
99 month ago
Addictive place. Shaurma ordered downstairs is bit more expensive but works for lazy man in rush hour!