Bartley Tavern

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邓 T
88 month ago
Tindaloo curry is extremely hot!
Jim M
91 month ago
If you are ordering a meal in the Front Bar - put it in two days early. You might then get it on the night you wish to eat.
Rebecca K
97 month ago
Much improved menu. The vegetarian options are now vegetarian instead of being made with chicken stock! The seafood platter is great to share and cheap beers - just $5 pints for Carlton Cold.
Alex G
107 month ago
Envy is no longer... So it's safe to come here on a Friday night again!
Heather S
119 month ago
Chicken salad is nice but make sure the chicken is cooked properly. A little under cooked and don't need food poisoning
Chrissy K
133 month ago
The chicken salad isn't Cajun or with mustard aioli but it's tasty x