Rosa Bonheur

Beer Garden
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Robert T
23 month ago
Incredible park and super quirky little cafe
Jean-Luc A
31 month ago
Ambiance décontractée, joie de vivre
Nicolas M
35 month ago
Un peu trop parisien mais on aime ça
Peter D
40 month ago
Big open beer bar in a brilliant park opening out on the paris skyline. Love it.
Denis V
43 month ago
If you dont have a pass, dont go. It's Just a small corner with a big line of people waiting to get in to go to another line to get beer.
A Blend of Magic
47 month ago
Perfect spot for going out. Nice food and drinks, the green surroundings and to top it all off a very relaxed and welcoming esprit. Allthough it can be a bit crowded sometimes :o)
Herve R
52 month ago
L'endroit s'est bien modernisé. Beaucoup plus cool comme çà. Endroit très agréable
shlomit l
53 month ago
Super cool atmosphere especially when the weather is good
Emrah A
55 month ago
One of the best bars of Paris!
Perrine F
55 month ago
Venir en milieu d'aprem' le samedi, après 19h c'est juste impossible de rentrer. Dommage les barrières moches qui ferment la terrasse... Joli cadre cependant. Dommage que ça ferme si tôt... :(