Pizza Factory

Pizza Place
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46 month ago
Large tasty meals for a respectable price! Friendly staff makes this place somewhere to revisit.
Samantha R
53 month ago
Seriously who in the hell wants pasta drenched in oil, learn how to correctly cook your pasta dishes.
Chris T
81 month ago
They have a great salad bar and breadtwists (order a side of Alfredo to dip them in). The lunch special is a great deal with pasta. It comes with a drink, breadtwists, salad bar, and a custom pasta!
Steven H
86 month ago
Creamy Pesto
Linette R
111 month ago
Wanted to eat here but had trouble being seated. Too much going on in the lobby and was ignored.
Tim E
113 month ago
Small pizza appeared to use frozen dough. Kinda an expensive place for that sort of thing. Pasta didn't look great, but those who ordered it seemed to enjoy it.
Jared M
125 month ago
Gluten Free Pizza! Yum!
Jared M
133 month ago
Breadsticks, then pizza, then breadsticks.
Paul E
138 month ago
It's surprising that the breadsticks aren't served warm or with a dipping sauce that doesn't cost extra. Good for families but not for dates.
Mike S
140 month ago
Yummy bread sticks