Yu Chun Chic Naeng Myun

Korean Restaurant
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Jake P
32 month ago
The best Korean cold noodles in LA
Tom C
32 month ago
냉면 육수 비추임.
Jole P
38 month ago
AMAZING naengmyeon, worth the wait and the wait goes pretty quickly. Also bibimbap is way larger than for just one person
Melody H
51 month ago
Nothing like noodles in icy cold broth and fried pork tonkatsu to make the best of a heat wave 🌊
Dean H
58 month ago
one of the best places for cold noodles in Southern Cali
Lucky Peach
61 month ago
Get the chic mul naengmyun. Have fun digging around in the crushed ice for slices of beef, and be sure to make use of the vinegar and hot mustard on the table.  
Kat ?
67 month ago
맛있는 비빔냉면! Tasty bibim noodle!
Tom C
72 month ago
@TheJGold says the cold beef noodles are popular on a hot day (Chic Mul Naengmyun).
Evelyn Z
72 month ago
The only downside to eating their naeng myun is if you do you will never want it from anywhere else!
Tony L
82 month ago
Free beef broth is addictive like crack. Best cold noodle in Ktown.
  • 3185 W Olympic Blvd (Serrano Ave), Los Angeles, CA 90006, United States, GPS: 34.0528,-118.305954
  • (213) 382-3815
  • Mon–Sat 10:00 AM–9:00 PM