Rabath Restaurant

Eastern European Restaurant
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Anton S
29 month ago
Moderately cheap.
Timothy C
39 month ago
Beautiful looking restaurant in Rabat Castle for a cheap price. It’s just nice to sit in the sun in the terrace and enjoy a coffee or a dinner. If you’re outside, you can wait sometimes a long time.
Mehmet D
48 month ago
Khachapuri, chicken, lamb barbecue.
Necip Y
72 month ago
Hachepuri was great...✌🏻️
Artem G
88 month ago
Невкусная плохая кухня
🇨🇿 Ladik V
88 month ago
Beautiful restaurant with good food and incredibly stupid staff. They are hiring just idiots probably...
Ali K
91 month ago
Rabath! Sposiba za vse kushat, vse ochen vkusna...zavtra prieduuuuuu))
Keti M
110 month ago
What a surprise to find this kind of Fine Dine outlet high in the mountains of Georgia! Great interior, great atmosphere, great food- both traditional and european! I'd give 5 out of 5!
  • 0800 Akhalts’ikhe, Georgia, GPS: 41.642303,42.977398