Porteau Cove Provincial Park

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Jeremy B
37 month ago
Great pit stop along the way to Whistler. Several vantages points for the beach. Stairs that lead down to the shore. A few stairs on the dock that lead up towards a higher lockout.
42 month ago
Great rest stop when driving the Sea-to-Sky. Also very nice to camp right by the ocean. Lots of interesting marine life to watch out for.
Joe W
73 month ago
No artificial lights at all, a great place for stargazers!
Aprile E
75 month ago
Pretty place, worth stopping off on a road trip. Loved watching the scuba divers.
Katya N
76 month ago
Great little camp ground - but expect trains at night
Katherine N
97 month ago
Beautiful! The colour of the water is gorgeous, when you go make sure to unplug & just enjoy being in a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful scenery!
Glacier Air
97 month ago
A beautiful scenic spot to stop to take a break from the Sea to Sky Highway. Enjoy the ocean view and breeze, bring a picnic and chill! Remember to stop in Squamish and fly with us too! Year Round
KoKer Glide C
112 month ago
Stopping by:)) From Whistler to Surrey,.
Amogh A
118 month ago
Awesome place for dive..
  • Britannia Beach BC, Canada, GPS: 49.55925,-123.235306