Radisson Blu St Helen's Hotel

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ᴡ Q
46 month ago
Rooms are really nice
Quentin G
50 month ago
Great hotel, nice staff + good wifi and good. I agree that the location isn’t the best - around a 15 minute drive or 1:15 walk to the shops and the buses were confusing 😜
64 month ago
Beautiful building and nice gardens for a stroll.
Amit G
64 month ago
Large and cozy rooms, huge garden, retro feel and helpful staff. Wi-Fi reception though is not good. The air coach 700 from Dublin airport takes you to the hotel.
Thomas C
70 month ago
The water is so hot you can literally brew tea from the tap water !
Nazli O
73 month ago
Very nice hotel with great garden
Azad L
74 month ago
This hotel has the best garden in Dublin
Chantal '
85 month ago
Italian restaurant has nice food. Especially for hotel food this is way above average. Rooms are good and the atmosphere is so much nicer than the regular Radisson!
Frank D
87 month ago
Great spot for proper free wi-fi with your coffee plus free parking, my new go to spot in Sth. Co. Dublin
Ibrahim M. A
91 month ago
For me, I don't like the hotel location, you need to use bus or car every time, there is nothing around the hotel. And this the first time for me find a hotel not serve a pizza!!