Sun Theatre

Movie Theater
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Monique W
27 month ago
Great ambience, popcorn and wine! Gorgeous external grassed mall & seating to relax prior to movie, with lots of local cafes & restaurants to choose from for pre dinner eats. ❤️❤️❤️
Andrea M
53 month ago
Popcorn and wine? Yes please. Old theatre charm. Buy one ticket get one free for movies two weeks or older with the entertainment app.
Antoinette R
55 month ago
This place is great. Old school charm. The Lyric room has leather love couches so be mindful when booking seats.
Jen D
66 month ago
Art Deco splendour, a cool bookshop in the foyer, great kids parties and yummy choc tops
Marc C
69 month ago
Awesome seats, old school feel
Stuart M
73 month ago
Fantastic cinema, privately owned, shows all current films and Arthouse films. It has two cheep days Mon & Tue. Great Choc tops and if you like coming here become a member for cheep tickets
Brian D
76 month ago
Today (2 December 2014) NBC/Universal is filming a mini series based on "2001 A Space Odyssey."
Alexander P
79 month ago
Lovely old fashioned cinema
Mark S
81 month ago
Salted popcorn and mint choc tops, you can't go wrong.
Karen L
84 month ago
Fab looking little cinema with gorgeous smelling popcorn.