Gion Corner (ギオンコーナー)

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Érica L
36 month ago
Didn’t like it much, although maybe is a good and fast way to get to see a little bit of some japonese art, for me it’s all very slow and not quite interesting, also expensive - ¥3150 p/p, 50 min show
Elizabeth B
38 month ago
Would love to come back here and see a show
38 month ago
In high season, need to stand in line at least one hour ahead of show time to secure a good seat. Kind of a long wait for a 50-min show. But the show is well worth it, especially the geisha dancing
Francisco P
47 month ago
Para turistas, pero da una muestra rápida y concisa de el teatro japonés. Llegar 1 hora antes para comprar los boletos y formarse.
Pete T
47 month ago
Ticketing is a pain! Be prepared to wait hours to get ticket which is only sold 30 minutes before the show? We got there and found huge lines and had to wait hour and a half, standing outside.
Elena S
49 month ago
Don't bother going.Too expensive for no reason.The audience is allowed to take pictures during the acts & you end up trying to watch in between phone screens & cameras.Wasted time &money.Too touristic
Dom A
55 month ago
Get there early to be first in line. Sit near the front right side of the theater for the best view of the tea ceremony. Great way to see a taste of everything. Bring cash!
Angie W
56 month ago
Watch all 4 traditional arts in one digest formula performance -
59 month ago
A little slow but interesting. Cash only so come prepared.
David T
60 month ago
The performances are wonderful, but the surprising permission for the audience to take photos throughout very nearly ruins the experience: sit close to the front or you may find your view obscured.