Louisa Boren Lookout

Scenic Lookout
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Karthik R
25 month ago
Top 10 underrated parks
The Artificial
40 month ago
…consider walking north on 15th Ave E to E Gar eld St, where you’ll nd a nice lookout over Lake Washington at Boren Park.
Daniel P
43 month ago
Great place to catch a sunset over lake Washington.
Brian I
59 month ago
Next to the cemetery of Bruce Lee this is a bit of a hidden gem
Will S
70 month ago
Photos won't do the actual view any justice.
Kate C
79 month ago
Amazing views and cool old benches here.
James W
99 month ago
Bring breakfast, a blanket, and someone to cuddle with and sit at the bench overlooking Lake Washington for one of the best viewpoints to watch a sunrise in the city.
Robby D
103 month ago
There is an amazing trail that leads from the lookout, down into a ravine. A sign's been up for YEARS saying trail is closed, yet I don't believe it's closed on other end. Don't know if city cares.
Paul I
141 month ago
Check out the view of Mount Baker and Lake Washington on a crisp summer evening.