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22 month ago
Waited 90 Minutes for our food, then it was cold. Little to overpriced. Wanna be super fancy when all we wanted was something nice to eat.
Jolanta K
24 month ago
Stylish, delicious, great for sharing meal with friends.
Maria M
44 month ago
Great place for dinner: seasonal food, tapas are very tasty
Кариша И
46 month ago
Это невероятно вкусно ! Баланс вкуса - бомба , прожарка утки - идеальный медиум😍 мусс из свёклы 🙌🏻
Lene M
50 month ago
It's a quirky romantic fun cafe with comfy big seats. I could sit here for hours. The main courses we ordered were duck leg and pork chop. Everything was very flavourful. Our bill came to be 34 euros.
Reins G
52 month ago
1st floor: Shop with interesting, artsy gifts - books, cups, souvenirs, cds, etc. 2nd floor: Cafe with healthy, fresh food prepared on the spot. Service is friendly in both spots.
Natasha Z
57 month ago
В первый раз был восторг. Вернулась через полгода и сезонными продуктами оказались тыква и свекла- не понравились. Хотя идея замечательная. И закуски и салат перед главным блюдом - просто объедение 😌
Dimitri R
59 month ago
Disappointing. Very cosy interiors, good homely food, but way way way overpriced. Also had to wait for more than an hour, which given the simplicity and rustic character of the food was too long.
Евгения Б
63 month ago
При заказе основного блюда приносят вкусный хлеб с разными соусами и много легкого салата. Это скрашивает ожидание горячего, которое может быть долгим, но того стоит.
Ted V
69 month ago
Not boring food and arty crowd. Nice!