Lakeland Square Mall

Shopping Mall
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66 month ago
Its kinda dying but still has good spots.
David C
71 month ago
It is not a dead mall, not very crowded. Good food court and movie
Juan M
78 month ago
School shopping for my Son
Nalia R
89 month ago
Easy, quiet shopping environment
Jeremie W
114 month ago
Looks like a dead mall that still has decent stores. Good shopping and no crowd, love it!
Kyla B
114 month ago
Try out the play area by stuff!
Missy M
116 month ago
Fantastic mall to visit if you are dieting. Sooooo hot and stuffy inside. It feels like a total sweat lodge. Could not wait to get on my car and blast the a/c!!!!!
Clara H
116 month ago
I still like this mall because of certain stores. They don't have all of these stores at lakeside. The only place I go to at lakeside is the Cobb. This mall is still the stuff :)
Melissa C
119 month ago
Join the sell's tae kwon do and be taught by the best. Senior Grandmaster Brenda Sell is the only woman to have her tenth dan ranking. She is also the nicest person it is like being with family.
Kenny H
121 month ago
Now I know why I go to Mall at Millenia in Orlando. It's worth the drive.