Grocery Store
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52 month ago
I love shopping there specially when it is not crowded during rush hour or weekend, best customer service ever and the twins are the pleasant highlighted ones. Thanks to everyone works there.
Cartier D
77 month ago
Why is this store still open!! They don't have anything that is listed on the sales paper!!! Please close it or remodel it!!! Sad.....
Bubby E
99 month ago
I haven't complained yet!
Toni B
101 month ago
ALWAYS check expiration dates, even if the item is not perishable. There is always expired food on the shelves, dairy, produce, etc - twice this year I saw eggs & cheese a month past expiration date!
Katherine L
110 month ago
Best local grocery store. The staff volunteers to get new produce if its running low, knows their merchandise well, and are friendly. The twins at checkout are the highlight, tho.
Olinka T
119 month ago
Make sure to check the expiration date on the yogurt. I often see expired ones still on the shelf.
James D
121 month ago
Makes the Lake Ridge Safeway look positively sophisticated.
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134 month ago
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Katie O
140 month ago
Edmund and Edward the twins are amazing. Everyone else should learn not to complain so much on foursquare.
Fred M
144 month ago
Only come early in the morning or late at night. I've never seen more than two registers open.