ShopRite of Hoboken

Grocery Store
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Sam T
38 month ago
If I could rate negative stars I would. ALL managers are completely incompetent -Elizabeth, Greg, Nick..every single one of them. Horrendous customer service and don't even get me started on delivery.
Shaun M
59 month ago
My issue is with the deli. A request for “thin” means “thin” and not a 1/4 inch thick slice! I’m exaggerating but you get my point. Meat, machine set at thin settling and then slice the damn thing.
Michael N
88 month ago
Good selection of everything. Layout is not the most intuitive though
Jeff S
98 month ago
Snag the expecting mothers parking. Whatever.
Justin G
103 month ago
Newly renovated after Superstorm Sandy, big store with good selection. Also has a liquor store. Always very crowded, though and food can be close to expiration or freezer-burned.
London N
103 month ago
I've fallen in love here more times then I want to admit...also not bad bakery
Amy J
114 month ago
Love that there are always checkout lanes open or with almost no line. Such an improvement over the JC store.
Krysta S
115 month ago
The store is actually open til midnight 7 days a week!
Lindsey B
116 month ago
On Sunday nights half of the produce is gone as well as meat and a guaranteed half of the stuff you need. Avoid on a Sunday.
Justin C
117 month ago
Great new look but no matter what the time of day is the Deli line is always slow as shit