Walmart Supercenter

Big Box Store
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Dick Tater
48 month ago
Go when the Steelers are playing. That store will be empty and you'll be able to rustle through all the junk and crap that Walmart sells and you can get the highest quality sh*t that is left.
Ashley G
58 month ago
Love the baby & electronics section. Book section could stand to be added to.
Cheryl H
70 month ago
Sales Associates do not know how to use Wal Mart Payment at check out. They will screw you up every time!! Actually charged me 3 times at one check!
Jenn M
83 month ago
Can be very crowded early Sat morning and Sunday afternoon causing long wait line at cashier
Don D
83 month ago
It's A Walmart. Unhappily, read EZ-pass website statement that EZ-pass was sold here! It is NOT! Wasted 30 minutes!
Joe C
90 month ago
The only place where you walk in for some q tips and walk out with a full cart.
maldar O
95 month ago
No paper bags at checkout.
Tamer Z
99 month ago
Everything you might ever want.
Ken P
102 month ago
I see a lot of bitching going on here...but you people know you love it!! Because you're HERE!! VIVA LA WALMART!
stephanie H
103 month ago
Give the associates some *slack* if your nice to them they're nice back. Ummm !!! What customer service training class was that in.. because I must of missed it.. that's the problem right there. !!!