Shenzhen Bay Immigration Port (深圳湾口岸)

Border Crossing
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Geoff H
17 month ago
Combined HK/SZ facility but the manual immigration queue on the SZ side can take ages.
Andrew P
21 month ago
Fast and convenient. Hoping they will some day open it 24/7.
Amanda D
22 month ago
Slightly cumbersome since the China side changed the process. Must go inside now. Leaving China not bad - the luggage can stay in the car. Entering China.. the luggage has to come inside with you.
Сергей С
26 month ago
Классный, новый аэропорт!
William G
33 month ago
Be ready to wait if you’re a foreigner, it’s not nearly as efficient as the airports.
Leandro H
38 month ago
Some officers take too long to check the passport for foreigners. Sometimes is fast and sometimes extremely slow.. Sometimes there is no special queue for foreigners.
Pavel R
38 month ago
To go to the airport - take the collective taxi 🚕 tickets are sold outside, to the left of the entrance (small kiosk with lots of words in Chinese)
Colleen S
39 month ago
What a long long line to wait for pass through the Customs
iSA 💃🏻
42 month ago
The place offers free WiFi for China mobile numbers. Hong Kong network goes off immediately in the area.
周 小
44 month ago
  • 南山区东四路, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518000, China, GPS: 22.504648,113.94455
  • Mon–Sun 6:30 AM–Midnight