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Doug W
49 month ago
Hands down the worst Hertz location I've ever been to. Being a President's Circle member, I've been to a lot. This one's a joke.
Gregg R
50 month ago
If you feel old age creeping up on you, you probably rented with Hertz!! If you thought the flight was long you ain't seen nothing yet!!!
Jaap K
95 month ago
so slow ......!
Toby P
97 month ago
Not sure what's wrong but the bus from T5 only seems to come past every 40 minutes or so. 3 buses from Enterprise so far, 2 from Sixt, NONE from Hertz and when it did arrive, too full. Come on guys!
@RealOctave O
99 month ago
Fiat 500 back panel dent £540. They milk what they can out of ya
Polly F
100 month ago
Amazingly pleasant & professional service from Andreas. He helped us with a problem so calmly, kindly and professionally. This is what customer service should be.
101 month ago
Either they do a good job or they fuck things up big time. Today the later is the case.
Jeremy T
111 month ago
Fill the car up before taking back. There is a Total garage 4 min drive east on A4.
John S
119 month ago
Great service! Passat CC was fantastic
Rich B
123 month ago
Don't use Hertz at Heathrow. Most unmotivated bunch of jobsworth staff I've seen in a long time.