Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

Ice Cream Shop
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Michael M
13 month ago
Seriously worth the hype! Old school frozen custard here. I ordered the lemon crumb concrete and was not disappointed. Cheap prices too. A St. Louis staple.
Brian M
24 month ago
Strawberry shortcake is amazing!
Stacy B
24 month ago
I prefer to keep it simple with one flavor and keep it small. Their custom mixes come in a larger size cup than I can handle.
Kenny W
26 month ago
Love this place. It’s a must do in the LOU
Phil M
26 month ago
Hot fudge Sunday is outstanding
Marcia (@marciamarcia) C
26 month ago
My mom said the pumpkin pie was fabulous.
Steven W
28 month ago
When two friends and I started RAB Baseball in 2007, we knew next to nothing about the industry. We were just three guys who liked to write about baseball.
William H
29 month ago
Lemon crumb is my fave I love key lime pie and this tastes like a lemon one it was amazing
Zach H
29 month ago
The original! Best frozen custard you’ll find in the entire state of Missouri! A tradition since 1929!
Anthony P
31 month ago
Absolutely worth any wait for dessert from this STL establishment.