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Metro Station
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Maggie M
59 month ago
Access to downtown on the green and yellow lines.
Timothy Y
82 month ago
Headed to work I like this station not busy that often
Tim P
89 month ago
Just a quick incision and we can see the surveillance inside the National Archives!
Tim P
89 month ago
Just a quick incision...and bam! We can see the surveillance for the National Archives from here!
The Transit Navigator
109 month ago
During normal operations, the doors open on the LEFT at this station.
Vanessa K
115 month ago
Go and eat at Merzi!! Yummy Indian food
Jenn B
117 month ago
My fave metro station.
J.C. W
118 month ago
Enjoy the music. I've seen someone playing the trumpet, saxiphone and clarinet. Nice way to end my day,
Denise D
120 month ago
Love hitting the Starbucks across the street after getting out at this stop. Perfect for cooling off during Jazz in the Garden!
US National Archives
120 month ago
The area above use to be an open air market. Check out this vintage photo. To learn more about Food in the U.S. visit the National Archives.
  • 701 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, D.C. 20004, United States, GPS: 38.89396,-77.02244