Tokyo – the capital of the east

The capital of Japan, Tokyo, occupies part of the island of Honshu and several smaller nearby islands.

In this city you can find many reasons to admire: ultramodern buildings and ancient palaces of emperors, restaurants with molecular cuisine or traditional teahouses, noisy entertaining establishments and centres for spiritual practices. Many of them are marked on the map, so finding them will not be difficult.For many centuries the city has been the cultural and political capital of Japan, therefore there are many places of interest, including Edo Castle, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Tokugawa Ienobu, and the Tokugawa homestead. Modern Tokyo – these streets are built up with skyscrapers, all kinds of shops, Internet entertainment centres. Other popular places include the national parks: Meiji Shrine, Ogasawara National Park and Ueno, on the territory of which there are 4 national museums.\r\ nThe main transport arteries of the city: Roads, railways and the Tokyo Metro. A complex underground scheme and very high numbers and intense user ship of this type of transport causes some problems for ordinary tourists. Every day, the Tokyo Metro carries millions of passengers. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance and have your city guide with you.

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Sunshine Aquarium (サンシャイン水族館)

東池袋3-1-3 (ワールドインポートマートビル屋上), Toshima, Tokyo, 170-0013, Japan, GPS: 35.728924,139.72015
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池袋にある複合施設サンシャインシティの中にあるサンシャイン水族館。透明で潤いのある水中世界と、そこに生きる生き物たちを通じて、多様な生命の生き方に共感することのできる、空と光と水と緑に満ちた都会の非日常空間=“天空のオアシス”を基本コンセプトに掲げています。 こどもから大人まで年齢を問わない水族館の魅力である、多種多様な生き物の生命の営みを見せること、アミューズメント機能としてのエンタテインメント性などは維持しつつ、全く新しい非日常空間として「癒し」「安らぎ」「くつろぎ」、そして「ココロ動かす、発見」を提供する、“大人にも満足していただける”水族館です。

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National Museum of Nature and Science (国立科学博物館)

上野公園7-20, Taitō, Tokyo, 110-8718, Japan, GPS: 35.715897,139.77669
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The National Museum of Nature and Science is located in the northeast corner of Ueno park in Tokyo.

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TESLA Aoyama (Tesla Motors テスラジャパン東京 南青山)

南青山2-23-8 (外苑ビル), Minato, Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan, GPS: 35.670418,139.71866
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Tesla Stores offer a new approach to buying a car. Tesla Tokyo sells the Tesla Roadster, the zero-emission electric super car, and is taking reservations for Model S, a premium electric sedan. Stop in. Go electric.

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Welcia (ウエルシア 田端2丁目店)

田端2-3-12 (サントル動坂 1F), Kita, Tokyo, 114-0014, Japan, GPS: 35.734116,139.75719

お近くにあるドラッグストア ウエルシア薬局。調剤併設・深夜営業・化粧品カウンセリング・介護を軸にした、暮らしのプラットフォームです。

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Tiffany & Co.

銀座2-7-17, Chuo, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan, GPS: 35.673203,139.76736
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Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has been the world's premier jeweler. Explore our collections of iconic engagement rings, cherished gifts and visionary jewelry designs, all crafted from the finest materials and most spectacular gemstones...

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