Sandwich Place
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29 month ago
The sandwich was just perfect. One can chose between a huge variety of ingredients. And also freshly made juices. 😍
33 month ago
a hole in the wall that makes probably the best sandwiches in Athens. Huge variety of fresh cheese, cold cuts, chutneys and veggies
Ευίνα Κ
46 month ago
Συμφωνω με την αριστη ποιοτητα,την ποικιλία&τις καλες τιμες!Ωστοσο,χτυπαει ασχημα στο ματι το γυμνο χερι του υπαλληλου που πιανει τα υλικα.Οσο καθαρα κι αν ειναι τα χερια,προτιμαμε τα γαντια!
47 month ago
I knew that food was a gift when I bit into my black ciabatta roast beef goats cheese mustard eggplant mushroom & spiced apple chutney sandwich. this tastes so much better than skinny feels!
Nikos P
51 month ago
One of the best places in Athens for tailor-made sandwiches 🌯. Options are endless! Very friendly staff! Highly recommended! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Giorgos L
53 month ago
So many ingredients from all over Greece (and the world), half of them are homemade! Family business, very friendly all of them! Never before have I visited such a sandwich place!
55 month ago
Το καλύτερο sandwich που έχεις δοκιμάσει.Τυριά από Ελλάδα κ εξωτερικό,αλλαντικά π κόβονται την ώρα της παραγγελίας,μπιφτέκια,roast beef,σολωμός,ψητά λαχανικά. Ακόμα και η μαγιονέζα τ είναι χειροποίητη
Electra S
57 month ago
A look at the vitrine refrigerator will make you drool. Best sandwich in Athens. Ask Giannis and Charoula to suggest a taste if you can't decide what to put in.
The Taste Sheriff
67 month ago
I was sent to this hole in the wall with the mandate not to leave if I don't try the amazing paninis. They are indeed the best in town. So many ingredients to choose from, all ridiculously fresh.
71 month ago
If you think that “gourmet” can describe only a restaurant, it’s time to reconsider. “Guarantee”, a family business located in Koukaki since 1988, reached to combine the idea of a sandwich with ...