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Matthew H
28 month ago
Amazing service and outperforms most local cinemas in customer experience
Angela S
33 month ago
Brilliant luxurious seat and surrounded sound effects
Angela S
34 month ago
Leather reclining seats!!
Hemesh P
114 month ago
Pizza hut do good offers from time to time... keep in mind when here to check them out. Pizza's for £5 with unlimited salad this week!
Emma H
114 month ago
If you have kids the kids club film is £2.50 per child with an adult free for each paying child. Bargain!
Gavin L
121 month ago
Buy your tickets in advance and turn up for the showing 20 mins later than the stated time. You should still be able to get a seat and yet you won't have to sit through so many tedious ads!
Gary K
126 month ago
Bollywood Spice restaurant inside cinema gas very nice buffet. It costs £13.50 pp and the staff are very friendly. 40% discount on weekdays before 7pm.