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Megan M
70 month ago
Be patient while you wait. For ages. All geniuses look like they're on the way to the beach. I'm all for relaxed but these guys are really relaxed. Can't comment on service cos I'm still WAITING!!
84 month ago
Make a booking to see the Genius Bar ppl from their website. That easy!
Dinesh S
87 month ago
Helpful team and convenient location
Cathy C
98 month ago
Fantastic customer service and amazing management team.
Kimberly N
99 month ago
Terrible service took me a long time to get a simple answer from staff. Yes you have the iPhone5 for me to buy out right now or no you don't.
Himanshu K
101 month ago
Excellent retail experience as expected from Apple.
Brendan D
101 month ago
Use the Apple Store app on your iPhone to check out accessories by yourself.
Maurice Z
116 month ago
The staff try to make your experience as smooth, seamless and professional as possible. They make it look easy. Well done.
Stephanie D
117 month ago
They have a dedicated business team who can help you find cool ways to use Apple technology in you business. And the BEST shopping experience EVER. And I'm not a shopaholic by any means.
Jay Y
119 month ago
Some people are suggesting to goto Next Byte.... WRONG. donot. Apple Store is much more friendly