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Nick E
35 month ago
This location has new conveyer Self-Checkouts and upgraded Regular Self-Checkouts, rebranded as “Scan and Go”
Nick E
44 month ago
Hey there! Don't like the long lines and need to get out in a rush? Use the Express Checkout. You'll get out faster than those in the regular checkouts.
Michelle L
60 month ago
Worst place ever! Customer service is horrible. All they do is talk to each other. The lines are always long and checkers are super slow! Glad self checkout is there so that makes it a little faster.
K Lexa C
88 month ago
Site to store is in the back in the photo center. Be prepared to wait though.
Leeanne M
90 month ago
Store hours are 8am to 10pm every day. There is no overnight parking allowed at this facility per city ordinance. They will tow your car.
Joe A
101 month ago
It must be nice to be the manager here cuz he is always off every time u need him I think Jorge Flores does not exist they just have the name up as an ornament.... This walmart has crappy cstmr srvce
109 month ago
for your best chance at in and out visit go right when it opens during the week...
Kong T
109 month ago
world's slowest check-out. never plan to come and grab something quick and check-out. you are better off spending a bit more at you local grocery store and avoid the frustration.
113 month ago
Like any other damn Walmart. Park far far far away from the entrance unless you love cart dents on your fancy car. Hella long ass lines and they only keep like 5 lanes open!
119 month ago
This is a Supercenter location. It's also the cleanest, least cluttered, and hands-down best Wal-Mart I've ever seen.