Denmark – a fairy tale come to life

The homeland of Hans Christian Andersen is called Fairyland for good reason.

Small cozy houses, brick-lined streets, fountains, picturesque lakes, geese and swans walking beside them all create a unique atmosphere here. And if you come to Denmark in the winter, it will remind any traveller of a Christmas fairy tale come to life: candles and thousands of lights on each house, and the streets are lined with tents serving mulled wine and cinnamon biscuits.The majority of visitors to Denmark, first of all, are eager to visit the capital, Copenhagen. Popular places here include the statue of the Little Mermaid, the Freetown Christiania and Tivoli amusement park. If you look at the map of this country, you can notice that it's not difficult at all to travel across its entire territory from north to south and to get acquainted with many places of interest. In the vicinity of Copenhagen, tourists will discover Kronborg Castle, famous from the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, an antelope reserve in the city of Klampenborg, and in Humlebæk, the Museum of Modern Art of Louisiana.Despite the fact that Denmark is a northern country, tourists are still ready to sample its sandy beaches. In the country there are more than 700 beaches, all clean and equipped for recreation. Your guide to the country will advise tourists to visit the beaches on the islands of Funen and Falster, as well as near Copenhagen.Get around the country better on high-speed trains, and when in settlements take public transport such as buses and trolleybuses, or even bicycle.

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